Government of New Brunswick

Summer Relief For Nurses

Contact your regional health authority to apply:



About Opioids

Opioids are medications that are used to treat moderate to severe pain. Most opioids are available by prescription only; the type and dose prescribed may be different for each patient.

Drug Information System and Prescription Monitoring Program

The most up-to-date prescription information to make safe, informed decisions about patient care.

Integrated Service Delivery for children and youth

Children and youth can benefit from a variety of services provided by professionals working together as a team.



New nursing initiative combines work and education, provides salary and tuition support

The provincial government has announced a new education model to ...

COVID-19 wastewater surveillance networks established

COVID-19 wastewater surveillance networks are being established in the province. ...

Funding for four additional medical seats in Moncton

Four new medical seats for the province will be added ...

Ten medical school seats moving to Saint John, more seats to be created in the province

Ten medical school seats which are currently offered to New ...