Government of New Brunswick

The Government of New Brunswick is committed to providing and promoting programs and resources to better assist newcomers in doing business in New Brunswick. Among the programs and resources currently available are:

Starting a Business in New Brunswick: Guides for Immigrant Entrepreneurs
The Government of New Brunswick has developed three business guides that provide information on New Brunswick business culture and reality, industries, creating business ideas, succession planning, etc. For more information, please e-mail

Topics include:

Business Environment and Expectations (Guide 1)

  1. Government
  2. Economy
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Business culture
  5. Business relationships

Business Ideas and Models (Guide 2)

  1. Creating good business ideas
  2. Forms of business
  3. Business models

Planning Your Business (Guide 3)

  1. Preparing for success
  2. Evaluating your business idea
  3. Staying in business
  4. Learning from others

Business Opportunities for Sale (website)
In partnership with the Government of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Association of Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) has developed, a website that provides a platform for selling and buying businesses in New Brunswick, including a list of current businesses for sale.